Meet Ursula.

MA. in Piano; BA/MA  in Composition (Italian Conservatorium  of Music, Milan) (Italian Conservatorium  of Music, Florence) PhD Composition – under final examination 2014 University of Sydney.

Current Works

Teaching Composition at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St, Sydney CBD NSW 2000

New Compositional Projects for 2014

Project on new operatic works for young people to be held in July 2014 Private teaching Piano/ Composition

Orchestral Works

Shabtis 2010 The material performed by the Gamelan ensemble guides the orchestra through the work’s “game-path” in a ritualistic function. At the end of the game after the Slow Dreaming Walzer and a Tutti game “Tut” is finally awoken. A new atmosphere and a previously unknown sound is heard. The Shabtis are awake and are ready to serve eternally in a new dimension of time, space and sound.

Electronic Music

The satirical tragicomedy, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" was written by Luigi Pirandello and first performed in 1921. The six characters enlist the help of a director and a company of six actors to bring their unfinished story to life.

Music for Theatre & Images

An Italian in Ethiopia 2010-2013 I have adapted this incredible story through some minor alterations to actual events and a small number of dramatic additions of fictional happenings. In the opera, the nature of Castagna is that of a heroic but eccentric man who lives freely with both an egocentrically naive lack of fear of the unknown or adversity, but with an obvious passion for dignity, justice and peace. Castagna has many ways of expressing himself.

Featured Works

An Italian in Ethiopia Opera

An Italian in Ethiopia Opera 2010-2013 (Music and Libretto)

Concert held on February 2013 the Sydney Conservatorium.  (Duration 1 hour and half)


Shabtis 2010 For Orchestra and Gamelan

Concert held on 16 September 2010 at the Sydney Conservatorium.

(Duration 18 min)

Swirling Yellow

Swirling Yellow 2012 for 16 players and Rin/Singing bowls

Concert held on 14 September 2012 at the Sydney Conservatorium.  (Duration 15 min).

Six Artists

Six Artists Project

Project made possible under a 2011 New and Contemporary Classical Music performance Grant awarded to Ursula Caporali from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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