Swirling Yellow

Swirling Yellow 2012 for 16 players and Rin/Singing bowls

Concert held on 14 September 2012 at the Sydney Conservatorium.  (Duration 15 min).

Swirling Yellow, is a homage to energy, velocity and the important scientific experiments which have recently been held at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

A Collider is a machine in which counter-circulating beams are made to collide. The sounds of Swirling Yellow are a transfiguration to music of the sequences of these scientific experiments while additionally, some elements of the study of the velocity of the impact of particles, is applied in the structuring of material.

For performance the ensemble is positioned in a circle to represent the shape of the tunnel within the Collider so that the sounds from within the circle may be spatialization while the Singing Bowls or Rin represent the eternal energy that keeps everything going in a swirling and circular motion. The six sections into which the composition is divided metaphorically represent the sequence of the scientific experiments and are through composed with no apparent break or musical change at the divisions. They are in turn;

1- Tuning the LHC, 2 - Strings of material, 3 - Dance movement of the particles, 4 – Velocity tests, 5- The experiment, 6 – Echoing, final decay.

The piece finishes in a result similar to the actual scientific discoveries in that, what is left at the end, is something we did not expect, “the unknown remainder”. The new particle decays leaving an echo of a simple tune related to the material of the singing bowls. All these concepts are linked together with an image of a spiral which represents the idea of infinite rhythmical movement and the colour yellow which I have personally drawn and linked with the pitch of G# which is for me the representation of infinitive energy and unknown swirling dimensions.

I wish extend my thanks to the Modern Music Ensemble of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and to conductor Natalia Raspopova and to give special thanks to Dr. Ian Shanahan and www.singbowl.com.au for providing the Japanese Rin and Singing Bowls used in the performance of Swirling Yellow in September 2012